Do Eye Exercises Really Work?

There is a lot of debate online about whether eye exercises can really improve your vision.

With any natural healing method, there will always be vigorous arguments on both sides of the issue. Typically, the medical profession will dismiss any holistic medicine to be nothing more than a trick of the mind. Whereas as proponents of natural healing will argue that the power of the mind is where true healing comes from in the first place.

The truth about eye exercises and their effect on vision deterioration is simple.

Wearing glasses or contacts every day is not giving your eyes any chance to "work". Imagine if you'd broken your collar bone and had been in a sling for 6 weeks. If you kept you arm in the sling after the collar bone had healed, your arm would eventually atrophy and become virtually useless. You'd need to leave it in the sling.

However, if you take your arm out and give it some exercise, it will get stronger and eventually back to it's original condition.

Just like your eyes when you were born.

A cynic would say that optometrists disregard natural vision correction because they're in the business of selling glasses. Another point of view is just that they are trained in traditional medicine and simply aren't educated in the holistic way.

If you want to know if eye exercises really work, you need to try them for yourself and see the results with your own eyes.

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