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Guaranteed To Improve Your Vision Or Your Money Back!

Dear Friend,

You've probably been wearing glasses or contacts for most of your adult life. Let's face it, it is a major nuisance and the possibility of being able to throw them in the trash for good WITHOUT SURGERY almost seems like a dream. Well I have some good news because I've discovered a way to make this dream a reality.

If you're interested in living a life free from artificial vision correction, this could quite possibly be the most important letter you'll ever read...


Before I tell you more about this amazing program, let me tell you a bit about myself and how I came to discover the secret of a life without glasses. My name is Richard Curtis and I've been wearing glasses for over 15 years. I know how frustrating it can be always having to buy new frames, not being able to play contact sports without wearing lenses and having to pay for pricey lens cleaning solutions.

However, now I no longer wear glasses or contacts and am seeing the world in a whole new way. This is all thanks to the methods I've discovered over the past several years so keep reading and I'll explain.

When I first started to research natural vision correction many years ago, I was appalled at the amount of misinformation out there. I just couldn't find what I was looking for. I was beyond desperate for a solution.

So I decided to conduct a little experiment. I contacted and interviewed several of the top holistic vision experts in the country over the course of 14 months. The results of my findings were to be the beginning of the Rediscover Your Vision system.

The TRUTH about natural vision correction has been a secret for many years.

It can be frustrating to think that your eye doctor will tell you that you just need yet another stronger prescription, but the truth of the matter is that your eyesight is only going to get worse with this kind of thinking. Optometrists are trained in corrective vision care and don't necessarily know the methodologies behind the natural way.

This combined with the simple fact that they are making a lot of money on frames and lenses every single day makes it plainly obvious that you need to look for help elsewhere.

Wearing glasses or contact lenses every day is making our vision weaker.

If you broke your arm tomorrow, a doctor would put it in a cast. You would go back for an occasional checkup and eventually have the cast removed, your arm having healed. It would seem absurd to suggest that you'd have one cast removed and then a stronger one put on in it's place.

If you think of vision correction in these terms, it seems equally absurd. Your eyes aren't getting a chance to heal and the time to strengthen themselves without a "crutch".

The bottom line is that optical professionals know very little about natural vision correction and it's not in their best interest to educate the public about it.

Eye surgery is expensive, risky and only treats the symptoms.

Many people become so desperate to ditch their glasses that they decide to investigate laser eye surgery. The potentially dangerous long-term effects of laser vision correction are not to be underestimated.

What you are about to discover is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Imagine being able to say goodbye to your corrective lenses forever! This is a proven method that you can implement from the comfort of your own home....

This is easily the most comprehensive book on natural vision correction available on the market today. I have done extensive research and have not discovered anything as valuable as what you'll find inside Rediscover Your Vision™. The methods described inside are so powerful that you'll quite possibly start seeing results in a matter of days.

               Rediscover Your Vision Success Story #1:
"My glasses are a thing of the past."

I had already purchased a couple of books about natural vision correction but it wasn't until I bought Rediscover Your Vision that I actually started to see results.

The exercises are laid out in a really easy to follow manner and I was able to measure my progress on a daily basis. I was blown away with how quickly I saw results.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shantel Duncan
Lantzville, BC

               Rediscover Your Vision Success Story #2:
"I can watch TV now without my glasses on!"

Thank you so much for this amazing book. I didn't even know such methods existed and you made it really easy to put them into practice. I'm sure that one day soon my glasses will be gone forever!

Elaine White
St John's, NL

               Rediscover Your Vision Success Story #3:
"Thank you for writing this ground-breaking book."

Your book is simply jam-packed with great information about improving vision. Both my wife and I are using the methods and can't believe what a difference it's making in our lives.

Thank you!

Paul Hornbrook
Seattle, WA

How Can Rediscover Your Vision™ Work For Me?

It has taken many months to research and compile the information found within the Rediscover Your Vision™ System.

The first thing you are going to need to succeed is commitment. Everything you need to know to start seeing without glasses is inside but you need to commit yourself to the process.

Here's the thing about the Rediscover Your Vision™ System - it's EASY!

You only need to set aside a few minutes a day to do the eye exercises and you will start seeing results in a matter of days.

Imagine being able to walk in the rain and not have to always stop to wipe your glasses.
Imagine being able to ski without having to stuff your glasses underneath your goggles.
Imagine being able to read the alarm clock when you wake up in the morning.
Just think of the money you'd save every year not having to buy contacts or new frames.

You CAN do this. In fact, you could be doing eye exercises as you sit and read this page.

The key to the Rediscover Your Vision™ System is that it strengthens your eyes. Wearing glasses or contacts actually makes your eyes lazy and will eventually make them weaker - reliant on the "crutch". Think of your eyes like a weak muscle that, through exercise, can become strong again.

Do you feel a sense of panic when you can't find your glasses?
Have you tried contact lenses before and been frustrated with how finicky they can be?
Are you thinking about the possibility of getting laser eye surgery?
Just think of the money you'd save every year not having to buy contacts or new frames.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then you're ready to throw away your glasses and start living life to it's fullest!

Laser Eye Surgery Is Not The Answer And Could Actually Cause Permanent Damage

This may come as a shock to you but there have been many reports about laser surgery causing irreparable damage and many patients have reported complications.

Everything from persistently blurry vision and difficulty seeing at night to complete loss of vision.

Laser eye surgery is also extremely expensive (upwards of $4000) and for a procedure that might actually worsen your condition, this is a hefty price to pay.


What you may not know but have to realize now is that your vision CAN GET BETTER. You were born with 20/20 vision and then put into glasses when you got older. It is quite possible to train your eyes to work as flawlessly as they did when you were born.

I'm here to tell you that I've found the solution.

Cure Your Vision The Safe And Natural Way

In all my research, the findings of Dr. William Bates proved to be the most revolutionary and what I subsequently built my revolutionary system on. He was an ophthalmologist who surmised that if broken bones can be healed, why can't eyes be healed also?

He discovered that a systematic routine of eye exercises performed on a daily basis could have a dramatic effect on one's eyesight and could, in some cases, completely reverse the deterioration of eyesight.

The simple fact of the matter is that The Bates Method is a proven technique and using my system, you can start applying it right away.

But I still have more to tell you about... I am giving away these….

Free Bonuses For Acting Right Now!

Snellen Eye Chart and Tibetan Wheel

Super Bonus #1
Snellen Eye Chart and Tibetan Wheel ($16 value)

To take full advantage of some of the eye exercises laid out in the Rediscover Your Vision program, we've included a Snellen Eye Chart and a Tibetan Wheel for you to print out and use during your sessions.

That's not all, because you'll also get...

Healthier You

Super Bonus #2
Healthier You - The Secrets To A Better Body ($27 value)

Healthier You will teach you how to live a healthier, happier and better life. You'll learn what you need to know to create a health regiment that you can follow and that will guarantee your success. You will learn the techniques that professional athletes use to motivate themselves and you'll see how easy it is to apply these methods to your own life.

  • What The Keys To The Healthier You Are!

  • How To Find The Time And The Motivation!

  • Why Free Radicals And Anti-Oxidants Are The Keys To Your Success!

Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is?

Alternative Medicine

Super Bonus #3
Alternative Medicine - The Ins And Outs Of Non-Traditional Healing ($39 value)

At last, there is a comprehensive yet concise and easy-to-read guide that explores the many different components of alternative medicine, and how they can help you.

This guide covers many different alternative therapies, such as:

  • Hypnosis

  • Color Therapy

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

And that's not even the best news yet, because you'll also get...

Goin All Veggies

Super Bonus #4
Goin All Veggies - A Guide To Becoming A Vegetarian ($37 value)

This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know to make a healthy transition to a vegetarian diet and to maximize the benefits of your new diet. You’ll learn:

  • How to get the nutrients you need while eating vegetarian meals you enjoy!

  • Why the saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be more true!

  • The four types of vegetarian diets – and how to choose which type is right for you!

  • Plus, this ebook is jam-packed with easy-to-make, great-tasting vegetarian recipes!

Here Is A Sample Of What You'll Find Inside Rediscover Your Vision

The "trick" to naturally healing one's vision (p.7)
How to determine your visual acuity (p.8)
How what we believe influences what we see (p.12)
Just think of the money you'd save every year not having to buy contacts or new frames.

All you need to get started is the decision that you’ll commit yourself to follow each and every step we’ve outlined in the Rediscover Your Vision™ System. Your entire investment is a one-time fee of only $37. I think you’ll agree that this is an amazing bargain compared to anything else out there. In fact, I soon intend to sell this system for $97.00 so don't miss out on this special launch price.

Rediscover Your Vision™ is a 60-page PDF-format digital eBook which means you can be reading it in minutes after you purchase.

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Order today and start enjoying the benefits of a life without glasses. I'm offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee! That's right, if you're not completely satisfied I'll give you your money back. No questions asked.

Why am I offering such a strong guarantee? Because I'm confident that Rediscover Your Vision works.

If after 60 days you haven't seen results from my system, I'll gladly give you your money back and you can keep the eBook and all the bonuses.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose With This Amazing Guarantee!

For less than the cost of a box of contact lenses, you can discover the secret of how to restore your vision the natural way. There are absolutely no hidden fees, no shipping and handling and you can be reading the Rediscover Your Vision System minutes after you order.

Just take a second to imagine how amazing it would feel to go through your day without wearing your glasses. Close your eyes and imagine it. Feels good right?

The exciting part is you could be seconds away from starting the Rediscover Your Vision System. Just click the button below to order your copy and get started!

Thank you for reading and I hope you take this exciting opportunity to rediscover your vision and get rid of your glasses for good.

To your healthy vision,

PS. Remember, with my 100% satisfaction guarantee, you've got nothing to lose so grab your copy now!

PPS.I have to tell you that the launch price of $37 will not last forever as I am testing which price is best for this information. If you're serious about wanting to improve your vision the natural way, I urge you to take advantage of this special launch price today.

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Snellen Eye Chart and Tibetan Wheel

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